56th Annual Easter Pageant to be Held Mar. 20

The annual community Easter Pageant will be held on Palm Sunday, which is on March 20th. The Pageant will begin at 3pm that Sunday afternoon at the Medicine Valley High School Gym.

Curtis is very proud of the Easter Pageant, it is something that the community has done together for 56 years. “No drama ever written can equal the depth of meaning and beauty of the Easter message. Its simple setting, its miracle of death and life anew has thrilled the world for centuries.” 

The Pageant includes seventeen scenes of familiar events, famous paintings and statuary positions. These include The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Paul Ruben’s Descent from The Cross and The Pieta by Michelangelo.

All scenes have been constructed and painted by local artists. The song “Kyrie” was written by David Cole while he was a student at Medicine Valley High School.

The Pageant has now been organized for 56 years. The weather and technical difficulties have prevented only three presentations during this period of time. People from all across the nation and around the world have attended the Pageant throughout the years.

Every year the presentation is dedicated to certain individuals. This year the presentation is dedicated to Harvey Cole.

The cast of characters for the 2016 Pageant are as follows: Jesus- Jason Gardner, Bartholomew- Alan Taylor, James son of Alpheus- Mark Fritsche, Andrew- Grant Jorgensen, Judas- Warren Bek, Peter- Mark Roblee, John- Del VanDerWerff, Thomas- Dallas Petersen, James- Robert Merrigan, Phillips- Lorn Dizmang, Matthew- Larry Elson, Jude- Caleb Nutt, Simon- Ryne McDaniel, Mary Mother of Christ- Renee Lashley, Mary of Cleophas- Annette Fink, Mary Magdalene- Rebecca Schroeder, Salome- Morgan Stout, Widow- Kelli Wiiest, Elizabeth- Jo Popp, Simon of Cyrene- Von Fritsche, Pilate- Kirk Zysset, Caiaphas- Nick Brown, Scribe- Ronnie Lenz, Thief (Getmas)- Justin Anderson, Thief (Dysmas)- Kevin Fisher, Roman Soldiers- Tony Fink, Clint Hosick, Darrell Fisher and Derek Banzhaf, Disciple of Emmaus- Von Fritsche and Lorn Dizmang.

Children’s cast includes: Caitlyn Blank, Aaliyah McMahon, Riyyahnah McMahon, Janae Oberg, Kaylyn Roblee, Aniah Seiler, Madalyn Doyle, Jenna Ingison, Isabella Wilson, Josiah Nicklas, Luke Oberg, Joseph Brown, Aspen Henderson, Jeremiah Ingison, Aleczander Farr, Brayden Gray, Harley Gray, Koda Pell, Cory Cuellar, Bryce Wolfe. Child on Jesus’ lap- Faith Brown, helpers with the children are Sue Jibben and Kristy Roblee.

Choir includes (Soprano): Desarae Catlett, Jazmine Farr, Sharon Houser, Payton Kahler, Nancy Stoeger, Nancy Schaffert, Sheri Hartley, Kathy Rice, Gail Jurjens, Marilyn Johnston, Lydia Fritsche, NaTani Taylor. (Bass): Tom Rue, Eldon Johnson, Steve Herman, Ron Werkmeister. (Alto): Patricia Bauer, Lani Chapman, Pam Jurgens, Elaine Elson, Mynette Roblee, Brenda Monson, Maurice Bortner, Carol Hanes, Jill Schaeffer, Jo Richardson, Vickie Johnson, Marilyn Pilcher. (Tenor): Pat Hoaglund, Tom Oberg, John Sukraw, Fr. Harlan Waskowiak, Dave Jibben, Ron Wiiest, Matt Wiiest.

Pageant officers: President- Sharon Houser, Vice President- Rochelle Rittgarn, Treasurer- Sheri Hartley, Secretary- Peggy Fritsche. Pageant directors: Living picture director- Marsha Gardner, Children’s coordinator- Kathy Hansen, Children’s costumes- Marsha Gardner, Adult costumes- Peggy Fritsche, Jesus’ coordinator- Sheila Brown, Wigs and head pieces- Linda Fisher, Production properties- Rod Anderson and Turena Ehlers, Publicity- Courtney Large. Chorus Personnel: Choir director- Tonya Welch, Choir coordinator- Sharon Houser, Pianist- Crystal Oberg, Rehearsal pianist- Jolyn Richardson. Program Personnel: Narrator- Pastor Brian Nicklas-Berean Church-Curtis, Invocation- Pastor Tammy Aubushon-Methodist Church-Maywood, Prelude- Joyce Malloley Spellman. Production personnel: Stage and property assistants: Billy Bryant, Roland Nutt, Kirk Zysset, Mark Ehlers, Ronnie Lenz, Justin Anderson, Caleb Nutt, Erin Pascoe, Larry Elson, Casey Anderson, Grant Jorgensen, Mark Gardner, Randi Houghtelling, and the Medicine Valley School Staff. Lighting- Darrell Fisher and Bob Lemon, Sound- Kevin Brown, Stage coordinators- Kelly Sexson and Jessica Nutt, Fundraising (Bake Sale)- Kim Mortensen, Parking- Curtis Volunteer Fire Department and Medicine Valley FFA, Ushers- Gary Fisher, Richard Jorgensen, Sheila Fink, Sandy Wills, and Jim Gardner, Rehearsal servers: Stockville Women’s Club, Live plants- NCTA, golf carts- Arrowhead Meadows and NCTA. 



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